(Modules 1-3)      $2285.00
Duration: 3 days
Audience: Anyone needing to maintain / edit or program an HMI using  TIA WinCC software.
Prerequisites: Basic computer skills & knowledge of Siemens S7-300/400/1200/1500 memory layout. Note that this class may also be running using the Rockwell ControlLogix platform. In that case familiarity with RSLogix / Studio 5000 software is required.

Course Outline

Module 1

This is the first module in the course covering Siemens TIA WinCC software and the Basic and Comfort panels.

The module begins with an overview of the Basic and Comfort series panels, then introduces the application that will be built during the class.

The setting of the PG interface is reviewed from the Step 7 class. A new project is created, then a partially completed project is opened for use during the balance of the class. Finally, the HMI connection is defined, the Tag database is created and new tags are manually created as well as imported from an Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Introduction to HMI Panels
  2. The Application
  3. Setting the PG I/F
  4. Creating a Project
  5. HMI Connection
  6. Tag Database:  S7
  7.  Transferring an Application

Module 2

This module is all about the graphic editor to create screens, animate static objects and use elements and controls.

In the first lesson, you learn the features of the editor and how to draw objects on screens. In the second lesson, you will learn how to add animation to objects. This continues into lesson 3, where more advanced elements and controls are used.

The module ends with using scripting to automate the screen name on all displays.


  1. Basic Graphics
  2. Animation
  3. Controls
  4. Screen Name

Module 3

This is day three of the course. In this module the application will be completed to make it more functional. A recipe system will be created to allow for the easy selection and creation of recipe files. Area pointers will be configured to allow transfer of global data to / from the PLC. Lastly, there is a lesson covering Additional Information that needs to be addressed.


  1. Recipes
  2. Area Pointers
  3. Alarms
  4. Security
  5. Additional Information

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