Siemens S7-300/400 Advanced (Version 5)

Siemens S7-300/400 Advanced (Version 5)

(Modules 5-8)      $2285.00
Duration: 4 days  *This class is scheduled in the 3rd week of the month.
Audience: Anyone needing to maintain or program an S7-300/400 project using Step 7 Classic
Prerequisites: Attended S7-300/400 Introduction Modules 1-4 OR acquired the equivalent experience. Please contact us

Course Outline

Module 5

This module begins with reviewing components installed in the training demo and configuring the hardware. How to create and modify symbols is followed by the memory concepts in an S7 processor. The student will learn about the PLC simulation software and data blocks. Next, jump instructions are covered followed by what a Function (FC) and Function Call (SFC) are. The module concludes with how to create a function block and an instance data block.


  1. Introduction to the Demo
  2. Configuring Hardware
  3. Symbols
  4. Memory Concepts
  5. PLC Simulator
  6. Data Blocks
  7. Jump Instructions
  8. Functions
  9. Function Blocks

Module 6

This module begins with the concepts of indirect addressing and how to handle date and time in an S7 program. The system functions that copy sections of memory will be covered. Next, the student will use the IEC compatible TON, TOF and PULSE timers. To conclude the module the student will be able to describe the operation, troubleshoot programs and create a FB using multi instance data blocks.


  1. Indirect Addressing
  2. Clock Functions
  3. Copy Functions
  4. IEC Timers
  5. Multi Instance Data Block

Module 7

To begin this module the student will be introduced to instructions that shift or rotate bits in memory words and double words followed by word logic instructions. Next, the function block FB41 used for continuous PID control will be covered. To conclude, STEP 7 software provides some handy tools for debugging programs.


  1. Shift and Rotate Instructions
  2. Word Logic Instructions
  3. PID Control
  4. Debugging

Module 8

This module begins with a discussion of Put/Get instructions and an introduction to the concepts of the Structured Control Language. Next, the different structures for each block, the order and attributes of the blocks will be discussed. The essentials of programming expressions and statements in SCL will be covered. The student will be introduced to the concepts of Sequential Functions Charts (a.k.a. Grafcets). The module concludes with programming SFC in Siemens S7 using S7-GRAPH.


  1. Put/Get Instructions
  2. Introduction to SCL
  3. SCL Program Structure
  4. SCL Program Statements
  5. SFC Fundamentals
  6. S7-GRAPH Programming

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*This class is scheduled in the 3rd week of the month.

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