PowerFlex 70

PowerFlex 70

(Modules 1-3)      $2285.00
Duration: 3 days
Audience: Anyone needing to maintain or program PowerFlex Drives

Course Outline

Module 1

This module provides an introduction to AC Drives and then moves on to the PowerFlex 70 Hardware. The student will be able to interpret the catalogue number, connect to an incoming AC and the motor, interface field devices and interpret modes of operation of the PowerFlex 70 drive. The student will learn about the LCD HIM module to view and modify parameters as well as how to start up a PowerFlex 70 drive. Finally, the student will be able to configure and select between different speed references using field devices wired to the Control Wiring terminal block.


  1. Introduction to AC Drives
  2. Hardware
  3. Safe Off Option
  4. Introduction to the HIM
  5. HIM - Drive Status
  6. LCD HIM
  7. Start Up
  8. Speed References

Module 2

This module completes the configuration of the drive started in the previous module. Viewing drive parameters with software packages is introduced and troubleshooting exercises are performed.


  1. Configuring Digital I/O
  2. Skip Frequencies
  3. Ramp Rates
  4. Stop Modes
  5. Drive Software
  6. Troubleshooting

Module 3

This module introduces the 20-COMM-D/E series of modules for communications to PLC's. The 20-COMM-D module will be configured for discrete data transfer, explicit messaging as well as Data Links.


  1. 20-Comm-DE
  2. 20-Comm-E Discrete
  3. 20-Comm-D Discrete
  4. Explicit Messages
  5. Data Links

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