DH+/RIO using ControlLogix

DH+/RIO using ControlLogix

Duration: 1 day      $1385.00

Course Outline

Module 1

This module provides an introduction of the capabilities and applications that the 1756-DHRIO module can provide. The student will be able to configure a 1756-DHRIO module using rotary DIP switches to meet their application. Next the student will be able to program message instructions for data transfers between ControlLogix processors and legacy platforms, such as the PLC-5 family and the SLC-5/04. You will also use the 1756-DHRIO module to program data transfers between ControlLogix processors and scan discrete remote I/O adapters. To conclude the module students will configure a ControlLogix message instruction to perform Block Transfer Read and Write operations to Remote I/O devices.


  1. Introduction
  2. Hardware and Cabling
  3. DH+_Communications
  4. Remote I/O Communications
  5. Block Transfer Communications

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