ControlLogix Introduction

ControlLogix Introduction

(Modules 1-4)      $2285.00 - $2485.00
Duration: 4 days  *This Class is scheduled monthly; the 1st week in the east and the 3rd week in the west.
Audience: Anyone needing to maintain or program a Logix5000 project
Prerequisites: Basic computer skills

Course Outline

Module 1

This module takes a fundamental approach to a ControlLogix system. It begins with an overview of the architecture and migrates into an introduction of RSLogix 5000, the programming environment. Students will learn how to setup communications to the PLC using RSLinx, download and upload projects, as well as determine the modes of the CPU.


  1. System Overview
  2. RSLogix Studio 5000 Overview
  3. RSLinx
  4. Configuring Ethernet Modules
  5. CPU Modes
  6. Downloading / Uploading

Module 2

This module presents the fundamentals of memory management with a discussion of the tag database. The module continues with instruction on configuring the digital and analog I/O modules. Non Volatile Memory is discussed and then the student will learn the basics of ladder logic. The relay type instructions will be covered and how to enter and edit the in the ladder editor. A lesson on documentation concludes the module.


  1. Tag Database
  2. Configuring Discrete I/O
  3. Configuring Analog I/O
  4. Studio 5000 Emulate
  5. Non Volatile Memory
  6. Ladder Logic Basics
  7. Relay Type Instructions
  8. Editing Ladder
  9. Documentation

Module 3

This module starts with timers and counters. The tag database is revisited by looking at the more advanced features of arrays and user defined data types. The module continues with compare and math instructions.


  1. Timers
  2. Counters
  3. Arrays
  4. User Defined Type
  5. Compare Operations
  6. Math Operations

Module 4

The beginning of this module covers the different ways to scan through routines with tasks, programs and routines and the program control instructions. There is instruction on some helpful troubleshooting tools and principles, which include searching, forcing, trending and the project compare tool.


  1. Tasks, Programs and Routines
  2. Program Control
  3. Searching and Cross Reference
  4. Forcing
  5. Trending
  6. Project Compare Tool
  7. Troubleshooting

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*This Class is scheduled monthly; the 1st week in the east and the 3rd week in the west.

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