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Allen Bradley SLC-500 (Modules 4-6) Training Course

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Date: Dec 3-5, 2013  
Online Training
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Location: Automation Training Broadcast Centre
e-Learning Classroom
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Daily
Eastern Daylight Time
Price: $1485 + Taxes
Seats Available: 8
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Course Outline

Module 4

This module begins by covering the aspects of expanding and organizing a program through the use of routines. The next lesson covers the move and logical instructions. Analog inputs are covered, as well as, the ability to scale the inputs with the Scale instruction. File instructions to handle and convert large amounts of data is discussed. Finally, the methods and instructions for communication such as the MSG instruction are covered.
  1. Program Control
  2. Move and Logical Instructions
  3. Scale Instruction
  4. File Instructions
  5. Communication Instructions

Module 5

The module begins by covering the shift register instructions (BSL and BSR). Next are the important concepts of indexed and indirect addressing. The methods of discrete and immediate I/O interrupts are discussed using the status file DII and the IIM and IOM instructions. The module concludes with an overview of the Sequencers instructions such as SQL and SQO.
  1. Shift Register Instructions
  2. Indexed and Indirect Addressing
  3. I/O Interrupts
  4. Sequencers

Module 6

This module begins by covering the stack register instructions such as FFL, FFU, LFL and LFU.  The module continues with an overview of the selectable timed interrupts such as STE, STS and STD.  Finally, the PID instruction is covered along with process control basics.
  1. FIFO and LIFO Instructions
  2. Selectable Timed Interrupt
  3. The PID Instruction

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